Co in NGC4438 and Tidal Stripping in the Virgo Cluster

F. Combes, C. Dupraz, F. Casoli, L. Pagani
1989 Highlights of Astronomy  
It is now well established that the environment plays an essential role in the morphology and evolution of galaxies: in particular, the HI gaseous content is often deficient for galaxies in clusters, and the deficiency increases towards the cluster center (cf for the Virgo cluster: Chamaraux et al 1980, Cayatte et al 1988, in prep). The gas is mostly deficient in the outer parts of galaxies, which considerably reduces the size of HI disks (van Gorkom & Kotanyi 1985). However the central gaseous
more » ... content, usually under the form of molecular hydrogen traced by CO emission, seems normal, at least in the Virgo cluster, the only one surveyed at millimetric wavelengths (Kenney & Young 1986).
doi:10.1017/s153929960000842x fatcat:td5o5gv5cbhj5dmaml64cut5fq