Londonderry Board of Directors

Wendell Coleman, Charlie Chairperson, Carrie Cave, Esther Chalmers, Doug Fishman, Debra Friant, Jim Lyneis, Andrea Mooney, Dianne Ogden, Jeanne Yelton, Nancy Zammataro, David Westlund (+1 others)
2010 Business Manager   unpublished
The member school districts of the Mountain Towns RED have worked increasingly over the past several years to consolidate management and educational services, master employee contracts and to otherwise bring about effective and efficient operating procedures and practices. Through this process, both formal and informal agreements, management systems and operating procedures have evolved between and among these member school districts, laying a foundation for the creation of the Mountain Towns
more » ... gional School District. Article 3 The Mountain Towns RED will operate grades K-8 and offer parental choice for grades 9-12, and will offer Pre-K education as determined by the Mountain Towns RED Board. 9 Article 4 Beginning _July 1, 2013, the Mountain Towns RED Board will be responsible for adopting policies regarding the transportation of the publicly-funded students of the district consistent with the centralization of transportation provision of Act 153. Article 5 The RED will honor all pre-existing master and individual contracts that are in place for the forming school districts on July 1, 2013. These master and individual agreements will continue until their respective specified termination dates. Article 6 The combining/forming districts of the RED recognize their obligations, pursuant to Act 153 of 2010, Section 9, to standardize curricula, and to otherwise standardize their operations within existing Supervisory Unions boundaries, on or before July 1, 2013. Article 7 Any and all operating deficits and/or surpluses of any of the combining/forming districts shall become the property, and/or the obligation, of the RED on or before June 30, 2013.