Diana Crucirescu, Technical University of Moldova
2021 Journal of Engineering Science (Chişinău)  
Apple plays an important role in human health. The unripe apples, after physiological falls and the agricultural operation "regulation of the fruit load", are not used for food. The use of agricultural organic waste is a current problem. In the presented paper was approached the possibility of valorification on these unripe fruits to obtain natural products. Were studied the unripe apples of 4 varieties: Coredana, Golden Rezistent, Rewena and Reglindis. The fruits were harvested during
more » ... nt at 45th, 58th, 71st, 84th and 97th days after the full bloom. It was determined physico-chemical indices in fruits extracts. During the ripening of fruits, the diameter and mass increased continuously, the moisture content does not change significantly, but the pH values of the apple pulp increased nonessential. Dry matter content and total sugar increased considerably as the fruits were growing. There are unexpected increases in dry matter around the 84th day after the full bloom. The acidity decreased during the fruit development. Sensory evaluation was also effectuated. The results obtained provide informations regarding the optimal use of the unripe apple varieties researched in order to process and obtain different products (especially natural acidifiers).
doi:10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(4).16 fatcat:prfrhzld5zfqvpxotcjcc5fd24