Application of Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) in The Treatment of Severe Maxillofacial Trauma: A Retrospective Study [post]

Xu Sun, Shuang Tong, Shude Yang, Shu Guo
2021 unpublished
Background: The severe maxillofacial injuries often involves multiple systems and locations, requiring multiple surgical specialties to participate in injury assessment, emergency surgery and follow-up planned staged surgery, thus requiring the participation and guidance of a multidisciplinary team. This study explores the treatment effect of this model on patients with severe maxillofacial trauma, so as to better promote the standard of severe maxillofacial trauma treatment, aiming to
more » ... a scientific and standardized system of severe trauma treatment. Method: We retrospectively analyzed the treatment process of 173 patients with severe maxillofacial trauma, including timely, orderly, and efficient out-of-hospital emergency treatment. Maxillofacial surgery led the in-hospital treatment, and coordinated with other disciplines to relieve respiratory obstruction, control bleeding, correct shock and save lives. We summarized the experience in the treatment of jaw fracture reduction and internal fixation after the condition was stable. Result: With the specialist treatment and close multidisciplinary cooperation, the treatment effect was good, and the reduction and internal fixation of jaw fractures had achieved satisfactory results. Conclusion: Multidisciplinary coordinated emergency treatment of severe maxillofacial trauma is an effective measure to improve the success rate of treatment.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:sozqpi3xqfcibiwvpzqdu5lsmq