Part 27: Amendment 27-3: Aircraft Dispatcher Aeronautical Experience

AIRCRAFT DISPATCHER AERONAUTICAL EXPERIENCE Section 27.15 (f) of the Civil Air Regulations requires applicants for aircraft dis patcher certificates to have served In connection with the dispatching of air carrier air* craft under the supervision of a certificated dispatcher for at least 90 days within the 6 calendar months Immediately preceding application. It does not appear that this requirement should be a prerequisite to the examination of an applicant, since prior to exercising the
more » ... ges of his certificate an aircraft dispatcher must comply with the recent experience requirements of I £7.23. Under the provisions of Part 27, in addition to required aeronau tical experience, an applicant must demonstrate satisfactorily his compliance with the Know ledge and skill requirements which are sufficiently stringent to assure that a successful applicant is fully competent to exercise the privileges of an aircraft dispatcher certifi cate. Interested persons have been afforded an opportunity to participate in the making of this amendment, and due consideration has been given to all relevant matter presented. Since this amendment imposes no additional burden on any person, It may be made effective without prior notice.
doi:10.21949/1515827 fatcat:5sjxpzffjreq5c55n44pibbxqu