The Development of Interactive Ski-Simulation Motion Recognition System by Physics-Based Analysis
물리 모델 분석을 통한 상호 작용형 스키시뮬레이터 동작인식 시스템 개발

Moon-Sub Jin, Chun-Ho Choi, Kyung-Ryul Chung
2013 Transactions of the KSME C Industrial Technology and Innovation  
In this research, we have developed a ski-simulation system based on a physics-based simulation model using Newton's second law of motion. Key parameters of the model, which estimates skier's trajectory, speed and acceleration change due to skier's control on ski plate and posture changes, were derived from a field test study performed on real ski slope. Skier's posture and motion were measured by motion capture system composed of 13 high speed IR camera, and skier's control and pressure
more » ... ution on ski plate were measured by acceleration and pressure sensors attached on ski plate and ski boots. Developed ski-simulation model analyzes user's full body and center of mass using a depth camera(Microsoft Kinect) device in real time and provides feedback about force, velocity and acceleration for user. As a result, through the development of interactive ski-simulation motion recognition system, we accumulated experience and skills based on physics models for development of sports simulator.
doi:10.3795/ksme-c.2013.1.2.205 fatcat:m46e6c2kd5d7jfsjyqdeaa7zri