Memory effect in silicon time-gated single-photon avalanche diodes

A. Dalla Mora, A. Tosi, D. Contini, L. Di Sieno, G. Boso, F. Villa, A. Pifferi
2015 Journal of Applied Physics  
Articles you may be interested in Time-gated single-photon detection module with 110 ps transition time and up to 80 MHz repetition rate Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85, 083114 (2014); 10.1063/1.4893385 Afterpulse-like noise limits dynamic range in time-gated applications of thin-junction silicon single-photon avalanche diode We present a comprehensive characterization of the memory effect arising in thin-junction silicon Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) when exposed to strong illumination. This
more » ... tially unknown afterpulsing-like noise represents the main limiting factor when time-gated acquisitions are exploited to increase the measurement dynamic range of very fast (picosecond scale) and faint (single-photon) optical signals following a strong stray one. We report the dependences of this unwelcome signal-related noise on photon wavelength, detector temperature, and biasing conditions. Our results suggest that this so-called "memory effect" is generated in the deep regions of the detector, well below the depleted region, and its contribution on detector response is visible only when time-gated SPADs are exploited to reject a strong burst of photons. V C 2015 AIP Publishing LLC. [http://dx.
doi:10.1063/1.4915332 fatcat:fpxp57jw6fekrf4s2icfg76bge