Priorities of intensification of technological development at the meso level of economy

2020 Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government  
The article discusses the priority directions of intensifying the technological development of subjects of the meso-level of the national economy. The list of subjects of the meso-level has been supplemented, enlarged groups of problems of subjects of the meso-level of the national economy in the field of technological development have been identified, and a list of environments has been formulated that determine the atmosphere for the implementation of an engineering project. Based on the
more » ... sis of the share of high-tech products in the volume of sales in the domestic and foreign markets, a conclusion was made about the priorities for increasing the intensity of economic activity on the scale of meso-level entities, and a cycle of unifying the problems of development of a meso-level entity was developed. Keywords: project engineering, meso-level of economy, technological development, intensive development. METHODOLOGY The intensification of the technological development of the subjects of the meso-level is important at the present time due to the fact that the improvement of the technological permeability of the production capacities of any of the participants of the subject of the meso-level leads to an increase in the efficiency of the entire system of relations, increases the competitiveness of specific products, improves the possibilities of creating the appropriate technological reserves, increases labor productivity and creates prerequisites for the development of regions. According to V.P. Chichkanov with colleagues (Chichkanov et al, 2012) , "the characteristics of an economic entity reflect the results of social development, historically established economic relations, state borders, administrative and political division, national, demographic characteristics, population settlement systems, previously created production apparatus, logistics infrastructure". That is, along with the natural and geographical conditions, the subjects of the meso-level differ from each other technologically, economically and organizationally. Important objective conditions that predetermine the priority areas of intensification of Garry M. Alexanyan et al / Priorities of intensification of technological development at the meso level of economy
doi:10.47750/cibg.2020.26.01.020 fatcat:zsjbvl3zxbhofhml4csiuhjqjm