Impact of Ohmic Heating and High Pressure Processing on Qualitative Attributes of Ohmic Treated Peach Cubes in Syrup

Massimiliano Rinaldi, Paola Littardi, Maria Paciulli, Tommaso Ganino, Emanuela Cocconi, Davide Barbanti, Margherita Rodolfi, Antonio Aldini, Emma Chiavaro
2020 Foods  
Stabilization of ohmic pretreated peach cubes (ohm) in syrup, representative of semifinished fruit products, was finalized by ohmic heating (OHM) and high pressure processing (HPP), proposed respectively as thermal and nonthermal pasteurization, in comparison to a conventional pasteurization treatment (DIM). The samples were then studied in terms of histological, physical (dimensional distribution, tenderometry, texture, viscosity of syrup and colour), chemical (total phenolic and ascorbic acid
more » ... content), and sensorial (triangle test) properties. Severe modifications of the cell walls were observed in ohm-DIM and ohm-OHM samples, with swelling and electroporation, respectively. From chemical analyses, significant reduction of ascorbic acid and simultaneous increase of total phenolics content were observed for ohm-DIM and ohm-OHM, probably in relation to the cell wall damages. ohm-HPP showed the best preservation of the dimensional characteristics and hardness, followed by ohm-OHM and ohm-DIM. In addition, textural and colour parameters evidenced similar results, with ohm-HPP as the less different from ohm. Finally, the sensorial analysis confirmed ohm-HPP and ohm-OHM samples as the most similar to ohm as well as the most appreciated in terms of colour and consistency.
doi:10.3390/foods9081093 pmid:32796512 fatcat:hwidl22cgfc3rplu2smbspneuy