Система електронного документообігу на основі технології блокчейн

Ю.М. Сидорець, О.А. Чемерис
2019 Zenodo  
In recent years, there is an increasing need for Ukrainian businesses to implement an efficient electronic document management system that does not require significant expenses. Given the large number of processes at each production site, the development of a centralized document management system has always been considered unhandy, so the whole process of sending and receiving documents is still in paper mail today. This article discusses the development of a program that allows to organize
more » ... lows to organize the storage and distribution of documents, guarantees the confidentiality, accessibility and reliability of all information by registering them in blockchain. On developing this solution, it was found that the use of blockchain facilitates document verification, signature, monitoring and change control procedures. As a result, each participant in the network always obtains a required version of the documents reviewed, thereby reducing costs and facilitating a greater cooperation among the participating entities.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3610656 fatcat:chnt3htum5brro63pcfwa37pb4