The Relationship between Value Orientation and Attitudes toward the Environment Case Study: Shiraz University Students

Jahangir Jahangiri, Alireza Zarei
2016 unpublished
Research into people's attitudes toward the environment and factors related to it has a long history. Value Orientation reflects individuals' attitudes and actions that affect their normative beliefs. In fact, individuals' awareness of the consequences and responsibility for their actions directly determines their behavioral patterns since norms, values and belief account for significant factors that make a certain behavior exhibit itself. That is why in this study the theory of
more » ... orms (VBN) has been employed to investigate the effects of personal values, beliefs and norms on the manifestation of the pro-environment behaviors. Therefore, the present survey makes an attempt to investigate the relationship between value orientation and attitudes toward the environment using SPSS. The data were obtained by a questionnaire from 400 Shiraz University students who were chosen from male and female students of various levels using randomly stratified sampling technique. Data analyses show that there is a significant relationship between the amount of value orientation and attitude toward the environment, meaning that students with better value orientation scores, exhibit a friendlier attitude toward the environment. According to the results, girls obtained higher value orientation scores as compared to their male counterparts, signifying that they are more environmentally friendly. The results also reveal that place of residence and levels of education significantly affect the attitude toward the environment. Urban dwellers as well as better educated individuals gained better scores in terms of attitude toward the environment.