Microbial Processes Forming Daily Lamination in an Aragonite Travertine, Nagano-yu Hot Spring, Southwest Japan

Tomoyo Okumura, Chizuru Takashima, Fumito Shiraishi, Shin Nishida, Kise Yukimura, Takeshi Naganuma, Hiroko Koike, Gernot Arp, Akihiro Kano
2011 Geomicrobiology Journal  
An aragonite travertine at Nagano-yu hot spring, SW Japan, exhibits clear sub-millimeter-order lamination that resembles ancient ministromatolites. Thirty-three hours of continuous observation showed that the lamination is formed daily with no changes in physicochemical properties except light intensity. Phylotype analysis and fluorescence in situ hybridization indicate that Hydrogenophaga sp. is dominant and concentrated in diurnal layers containing abundant extracellular polymeric substances.
more » ... Growth of Hydrogenophaga sp. is activated in the daytime, likely due to extracellular polymeric substance production by cyanobacterial photosynthesis. Daytime development of Hydrogenophaga-dominant biofilms, and the concurrent inhibiting effect on aragonite precipitation, explains the daily lamination observed.
doi:10.1080/01490451003743275 fatcat:d6fegzkfrvfd3ccfulxwvhmo3a