Krzysztof Wierzcholski
2014 Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport  
In this paper are considered analogies between elliptical-slide bearing occurring in artificial robots and elliptical natural human joints as well artificial human femoral prosthesis. The comparisons between elliptical human femoral prosthesis and mechanical spherical bearings indicate the advantages implicated from the use of elliptical slide bearings. To human joints. is, in fact naturally elliptical. Therefore, the femoral elliptical complete prosthesis as well half prosthesis must be better
more » ... designed for solving the problem of the relationship between the femoral prosthesis head and the anatomical acetabulum and to minimize the various incidence namely wear protrusion and pain effects. Performed clinical tests indicate that elliptical prosthesis head have the most advanced technological shapes because are based on the anatomy and biomechanics features of the natural human hip joint. The same aspects are occurring during functioning the elliptical slide bearing in artificial robots. The mechanics of elliptical-slide bearings nt the hydrodynamic theory of lubrication of cooperating surfaces we must finally find pressure distributions, friction forces, friction coefficients and wear. To prepare this calculations we ought at first determine and calculate the fields of the regions of lubrication on the internal surface lying on the elliptical surfaces and on Surface lubrication regions consist of the sums of spherical triangle, which are lying on the abovementioned surface. In this paper are determined the formulas for the field calculations of elliptical (points) for coordinates which are foreseen measured.
doi:10.5604/12314005.1133907 fatcat:kxaz7yr25ndknmsc3s7hdeoa3m