AMFIC Web Data Base - A Satellite System for the Monitoring and Forecasting of Atmospheric Pollution

A.K. Georgoulias, I. Kioutsioukis, P. Symeonidis, K. Kourtidis
2008 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review  
In this work we present the contribution of the Laboratory of Atmospheric Pollution and Pollution Control Engineering of Democritus University of Thrace in the AMFIC-Air Monitoring and Forecasting In China European project. Within the framework of this project our laboratory in co-operation with DRAXIS company will create and manage a web satellite data base. This system will host atmospheric pollution satellite data for China and for the whole globe in general. Atmospheric pollution data with
more » ... ollution data with different spatial resolution such as O 3 and NO 2 total columns and measurements of other important trace gasses from GOME (ERS-2), SCIAMACHY (ENVISAT) and OMI (EOS-AURA) along with aerosol total load estimates from AATSR (ENVISAT) will be brought to a common spatial and temporal resolution and become available to the scientific community in simple ascii files and maps format. Available will also be the results from the validation procedure of the satellite data with the use of ground-based observations and a set of high resolution maps and forecasts emerging from atmospheric pollution models. Data will be available for two geographical clusters. The one cluster includes the greater area of China and the other the whole globe. This integrated satellite system will be fully operational within the next two years and will also include a set of innovative tools that allow easy manipulation and analysis of the data. Automatic detection of features such as plumes and monitoring of their evolution, data covariance analysis enabling the detection of emission signatures of different sources, cluster analysis etc will be possible through those tools. The AMFIC satellite system shares a set of characteristics with its predecessor, AIRSAT. Here, we present some of these characteristics in order to bring out the contribution of such a system in atmospheric sciences.
doi:10.25103/jestr.011.13 fatcat:7hsaw7q2z5aspftsajmyqoz5ue