Automated Protein Structure Classification: A Survey [article]

Oktie Hassanzadeh
2009 arXiv   pre-print
Classification of proteins based on their structure provides a valuable resource for studying protein structure, function and evolutionary relationships. With the rapidly increasing number of known protein structures, manual and semi-automatic classification is becoming ever more difficult and prohibitively slow. Therefore, there is a growing need for automated, accurate and efficient classification methods to generate classification databases or increase the speed and accuracy of
more » ... techniques. Recognizing this need, several automated classification methods have been developed. In this survey, we overview recent developments in this area. We classify different methods based on their characteristics and compare their methodology, accuracy and efficiency. We then present a few open problems and explain future directions.
arXiv:0907.1990v1 fatcat:v4o77i5yvbgkfe45nr4y637edu