A New Method to Calculate Tortuosity

Peng Cao, Aiyin Sun, Hengshen Yao
Tortuosity is one of the key parameters for reservoir seepage channels. It is widely used in the calculation of reservoir engineering problems such as the actual length of seepage channel and channel diameter. However, the previous calculation methods of tortuosity are too complicated, so that they can not play a role in actual application. when the porosity is relatively large in reservoir, Only a small amount of rock skeleton can block the linear motion of seepage point. On the contrary, the
more » ... the contrary, the lower porosity, tortuosity is higher. There is a correlation between the porosity and tortuosity. The results of several simulation operations show that tortuosity should be inversely proportional to the power function of porosity. A simple and effective formula is proposed in this paper for calculating tortuosity, and the calculation error is very small.