Efeitos do caranguejo Pinnotheres ostreum em ostras Crassostrea rhizophorae

Iracema Andrade Nascimento, Solange Andrade Pereira
1980 Brazilian Journal of Oceanography  
IFlACIMA ANDRADE! NASCIMINTO I SOLANGI ANDFlADI PIAlIFlA I nnltuto di alologll, Unlvlr.ldldl Fldlrll di alhll, allvlClor, BA, Bl'lell SYNOPSlS Some btologtcal parameters 01 the oyster (Cru80strea rhizophorae;. dunng the ,pawning and po,t-spawning pertods. were analised in retation tg the inje~tatiOf1 by the pea crab (pinnotl,lerea oatreum). The biolot!cal_parame.tt?' conlidered were: me_ total weightJ wet ~nd gry meat wellht. and conditlon tndex. Uti/izing the X' test these parameters ano
more » ... arameters ano inle,tation by the pea crrzb were i/aown to De a'lOclated. The incidence 01 pea crrzbs WQS higher duríng the spawning períod than in the po,t-,pawning período reaching a maximum (20.3% Inleltation) in oy'terr wlth a IÍze 01 6 to 7 cm. The values 01 the condltlon Index and percent 01 mt4t (wet and dry weight) lor the,e oylten were
doi:10.1590/s1679-87591980000200054 fatcat:xjiya4pa3zakjnto5tg6yshm6i