Macro and Micromorphological Studies on Seven Species of Heliotropium L. (Boraginaceae Juss.) in South West of Saudi Arabia

Wael Taha Kasem
2015 American Journal of Plant Sciences  
The genus Heliotropium L. (Heliotropiaceae) in south west of Saudi Arabia has been studied taxonomically; seven species of H. arbainense, H. longiflorum, H. petrocarpum, H. strigosium, H. zeylanicum, H. jizanense and H. lasiocarpum were collected, recognized, typed and nomenclatured. The most valuable characters were those of macro and distinct micromorphological data such as stomata, hairs, pollen grains and stem anatomy. Light microscopy has been used in these studies. From the obtained
more » ... s, trichomes and pollen grains data in addition to stem anatomy indicated good taxonomic tools to differentiate between species of this genus. Different traditional measurements were strikingly also helpful for the discrimination of species. H. longiflorum was characterized by distinctive data such as prominent anatomical information, P/E (1.8 µm) in addition to presence of spindle hair which in turn can be separated as a taxonomic level. Also, the results revealed a complete affinity between the two species of H. jizanense and H. lasiocarpum.
doi:10.4236/ajps.2015.69136 fatcat:yfbmbolnrvdg5g55ol4yxulst4