Effects of Chronic Otitis Media with Effusion on Amblyaudia

Shahnaz Alamdari, Yones Lotf, Alireza Karimi Yazdi, Mohanna Javanbakht, Enayatollah Bakhshi
2018 Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences and Research  
Chronic otitis media with effusion (CME) primarily affects children. Temporary auditory deprivation is a serious complication of this disease and can result in auditory processing disorder, as demonstrated in past studies. The objective of the current study was to investigate the effects of CME duration on binaural processing and amblyaudia. Methods: Ninety-four children were examined, including 48 children (29 girls=60%) with different CME durations (from 3 months to more than 9 months) and 46
more » ... an 9 months) and 46 children (34 girls=73%) with no history of CME or a duration of less than 3 months CME. Persian versions of the dichotic digits and dichotic rhyme tests were applied. Results: Significant differences between the groups (P<0.001) in dichotic digits difference (DDD) and dichotic rhyme difference (DRD) in free recall conditions were identified. With longer durations of CME, the DDD and DRD average scores were increased in the CME positive group, and the probability of amblyaudia was also enhanced. Conclusion: A history of CME and the long-term auditory deprivation resulting from it in early childhood can increase the risk of amblyaudia.
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