1881 Science  
62 SCI ENCE. and would prcbably have beeni p3sscd over by cne maknot a peak to be seen in 40 miles of crest. On the south ir~g a csreless tmamiration. The 'Medical Presse of isa Ilderntss of mountains. Guyot gives fifty to sixt Vienna reports So cases at one town andl 40 at another with altitudes exceeding 6oco feet. and yet the -highl:st is city, and the mc re recent fatal cas s on board the British onily 6717, and perhaps f'orty cf them between 6cc." and School ship Cornuwallzs wouldI arpear
more » ... llzs wouldI arpear to suggest the imr-65oo, ar.d huindlieds o1 others -oco +. 'I he vallcv r:irel,v portance of ani official examination of all l)ork to he use(l go be!oW 3000 feet. TIhe railroadl after Iraving-IA ich'. tfor food. burgh in a few miiies reachets icoo feet, and iu that lpOint for rearly 300 miiles rarely goes below 150o fet,t zand PHILOSOPHICAL SOCiETIY OF WASHIINGTON. ait nie point reaches z55o. Th'fe true Pliedwri-t It. rgio,un, At the one Furdired and rinety~-secordInlettirg of the Iextending through to Virgiripia, N( IhadSuh a'a Philosephical Sccietv cf Washirgtcn, a very inte-resting Geri,AaaaadTneseIta lviiao communication wns read by lProf J. Wi. Chi-ckt ring, ti-1500 to 2!50o fee!, offers as attractive a regioni e,r h ca'th titled, " Notes on R1"oan Mcunta&n, Noi th Catolina." ancoorascnefudontegb. Trhe Appalachian chain w~ith its undulatirng line of 1300o LU/iormi/y 'jf f~~r~atzre. D)uriiig nine we-'" tEe miles from the promiontory of' Gaspoi on th'te Gulf, of St. niercury indlicated( once 75 , seven times 70 -n 45 Lawrence to Gecrgia, and"Alabanma, beg,inning as a series three time'-5o -, the genetral daiiv \ariati(ii in it be. of folds of modleraite brigrht. In conil.ex tan tVCel5 and 65'-'. 'Ible spling, a few\\ rod's fi' ii the
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