The investigation of the modified refractory concrete in terms of the clay filler's kind

P. Zdаnyavichus, V. Antonovich, R. Boris, R. Stonis, R. Shukis, E. Vitek
The properties of the conventional refractory concrete modified by means of the microsilica and the antiflocculant additions including the different kinds of the fire clay filler were investigated in the article. It was established that the refractory concrete with the filler Bos145 (about 44 % of Al2O3) had the smaller open porosity, and both high density and the ultimate compressive strength comparing to these characteristics which the concretes with the fillers Bos125 and Bos135 had (about
more » ... Bos135 had (about 26 and 37 % of Al2O3 respectively). Also it was found out that independently of the fire clay filler's kind another SiO2-based addition promoted the increase of the concrete's alkaline resistance by the factor of 5 and more. It was shown that this SiO2-based addition is effective at the temperatures up to 1100 °C, as at 1200 °C the chamotter concrete's porosity grew up and the resistance of the material against the alkaline melt decreased considerably.
doi:10.17073/1683-4518-2018-12-17-21 fatcat:mn7l43ud3rfnhmsinb2qgevdaa