Verification of Creep Performance of a Ceramic Gas Turbine Blade

Hao Tung Lin, Paul F. Becher, Mattison K. Ferber, V. Parthasarathy
1998 Key Engineering Materials  
QN a!! mt2 m m llsl W m q p RECEIVED Abstract O S T I Tensile creep tests were carried out on a Norton NT164 silicon nitride ceramic turbine blade containing 4 wt. % Y201 sintering additive at 1370°C in air under selected stress levels. The objective of this study was to measure the creep p r o p e s of test specimens extracted h m a complex shaped ceramic gas turbine blade to veri@ the response of actual components. The creep results indicated that specimens from both the airfoil and dovetail
more » ... ections exhibited creep rates that were about 4 to 100 times higher than those obtained h m both the buttonhead and dogbone creep specimens machined h m the developmental billets fabricated with the same composition and processing procedures. Electron microscopy analyses suggested that high creep rates and short lifetimes observed in specimens extracted h m the turbine blade resulted from a higher glassy phase(s) content and smaller number density of elongated grain microstructure.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:l7glgurgqjd25g2gzvry54yqla