2017 International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development  
The keystroke logging is referred to as key logging in which the strokes of keyboard are captured, which means that the keys pressed on the keyboard are recorded. Except this the action of the person are observed and which are unknown to the person. There are various kinds of root kits which are present in PC's and the user behavior is been observed which make PC's entrusted device. When we need to focus on large network computer security is main subject of concern. There are large number of
more » ... log methods that ranges from hardware and software methods to acoustic analysis. Fortunately there are preventive measures to search and destroy key loggers or keep them at bay these we can keep away our self from malware attacks as well as shoulder suffering attacks we implemented sophisticated method for security using QR code. Here we have demonstrated two protocols for visual authentication purpose which are term as OTP based protocol and password based protocol. Here we show how visualization can improve security as well as convenience by proposing two visual verification convention, one for password based authentication other one is one time password.
doi:10.21090/ijaerd.rtde28 fatcat:fvcf42um75gzdczq6igzuqvkua