Fast Model Predictive Control Method for Large-Scale Structural Dynamic Systems: Computational Aspects

Haijun Peng, Qiang Gao, Zhigang Wu, Wanxie Zhong
2014 Shock and Vibration  
A fast and accurate model predictive control method is presented for dynamic systems representing large-scale structures. The fast model predictive control formulation is based on highly efficient computations of the state transition matrix, that is, the matrix exponential, using an improved precise integration method. The enhanced efficiency for model predictive control is achieved by exploiting the sparse structure of the matrix exponential at each discrete time step. Accuracy is maintained
more » ... ing the precise integration method. Compared with the general model predictive control method, the reduced central processing unit (CPU) time required by the fast model predictive control scheme can result in a shorter control update interval and a lower online computational burden. Therefore, the proposed method is more efficient for large-scale structural dynamic systems.
doi:10.1155/2014/508954 fatcat:k3uo2gfqpjbh3dmidvgjry6qxa