Description of a Malformation of the Duodenum; With Notices of Analogous Cases

Robert Boyd
1845 Medico-chirurgical transactions  
A MALIE still-born infant from the lying-in ward of this Infirmary was examined by me on the 30th of April 1844. The body was eighteen inches long, and five pounds weight. There was dropsy of the abdomen and scrotum. The brain was natural, the cerebrum weighed twelve ounces, the cerebellum 3 4 ounce, and the medulla oblongata 1 dracbm. Chest: -both lungs sank in water, the rioht lung weighed 1 ounce, the left i ounce ;the heart weighed i ounce, and the thymus body 21 drachms. Abdomen :-the
more » ... Abdomen :-the peritoneum contained an unusually large quantity offluid; the stomach was natural, weight I i drachm: the duodenum was much enlarged, and appeared like a bladder two thirds filled, and contained a greenish coloured fluid; the lower or most distant part from the stomach was imperforate, aud of larger calibre than the upper part, so at MCMASTER UNIV LIBRARY on
doi:10.1177/095952874502800111 fatcat:wi5gf2hktna2fiorg44f3oglgm