Una revisión sobre el proceso de emetropización 102

Yolanda López, Yolanda López
enero-junio de 2010 Ciencia & Tecnología para la Salud Visual y Ocular   unpublished
Emmetropization is defined as the tendency of the optical device eye towards emmetropia by a correlation of individual optical elements, since the child is born with different optical elements that influence the targeting of retinal images and according to its di-optric power as the cornea and lens or length for the anteroposterior axis. It is observed the child at birth has a degree of farsightedness and as it grows the optical power is adjusted so that more or less in preschool refractive
more » ... hool refractive status is zero. However, this process can be affected by genetic influence, because of visual deprivation as observed in animal experiments or by mechanical pressure in the eyeball. Additionally, the values of refraction in different ages have been determined statistically and clinical significance in deciding whether there is optical correction according to the physiological values determined by age and allows us to relate whether a prescription or not optically alter the emmetropization process..