CoTO: A Novel Approach for Fuzzy Aggregation of Semantic Similarity Measures [post]

Jorge Martinez-Gil
2017 unpublished
Semantic similarity measurement aims to determine the likeness between two text expressions that use different lexicographies for representing the same real object or idea. There are a lot of semantic similarity measures for addressing this problem. However, the best results have been achieved when aggregating a number of simple similarity measures. This means that after the various similarity values have been calculated, the overall similarity for a pair of text expressions is computed using
more » ... is computed using an aggregation function of these individual semantic similarity values. This aggregation is often computed by means of statistical functions. In this work, we present CoTO (Consensus or Trade-Off) a solution based on fuzzy logic that is able to outperform these traditional approaches.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:3rah6rfcmndcfklyryzsqixcde