Rational choice, functional selection, and "empty black boxes" [chapter]

Philip Pettit, Uskali Mäki
Fact and Fiction in Economics  
In order to vindicate rational-choice theory as a mode of explaining social patterns in generalsocial patterns beyond the narrow range of economic behaviourwe have to recognize the legitimacy of explaining the resilience of certain patterns of behaviour: that is, explaining, not necessarily why they emerged or have been sustained, but why they are robust and reliable. And once we allow the legitimacy of explaining resilience, then we can see how functionalist theory may also serve us well in
more » ... serve us well in social science; we lose the basisthe empty black box ar gumenton which the rational-choice critique of the theory has mostly been grounded.
doi:10.1017/cbo9780511493317.012 fatcat:bowxz4wtq5d7pokcbe54as54pq