The freshwater prawns of the genusMacrobrachiumBate, 1868, of Thailand (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae)

Y. Cai, P. Naiyanetr, P. K. L. Ng
2004 Journal of Natural History  
The Thai freshwater prawns of the genus Macrobrachium are reviewed. A taxonomic synopsis is given here of the 25 species of Macrobrachium so far known from Thailand, including three new species, namely M. thai, M. tratense and M. dolatum. Nine species are recorded for the first time from Thailand, namely M. amplimanus Dai, 1999, M. assamense (Tiwari, 1955), M. dienbienphuense Dang and Nyuyen, 1972, M. eriocheirum Dai, 1984, M. forcipatum Ng, 1995, M. hendersoni (De Man, 1906, M. malayanum
more » ... 1934), M. mieni Dang, 1975 and M. trompii (De Man, 1898). A neotype is designated for M. hirsutimanus (Tiwari, 1952). Descriptions for new species, diagnosis for newly recorded species and taxonomic discussions for all species are provided. A key to all the known Thai Macrobrachium species is included.
doi:10.1080/0022293021000033238 fatcat:7haup5r4cjg7vi53olrzfyxlcq