Synthesis and Characterization of Thiazolo Pyridin-2-Amine and Their Schiff Bases

Mangesh Vijay Sonawane, Sandip Balu Chaudhari, Jaywant Prakash Sonawane, Suryakant Sudhakar Patil, Mahesh Rajendra Sonawane, Anil Vinayak Patil
2019 International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry  
The efficient synthesis of thiazolo pyridine 2-amine(3) by reaction of 2-amino pyridine with ammonium thiocyanate(2). The reaction carried out in presence of ceric ammonium nitrate and Dimethyl Sulphoxide as a solvent. The aromatic aldehyde reacts with synthesized compound thiazolo pyridin-2-amine (3) by using catalytic amount of Ni (NO3)2 .6H2O at room temperature. Advantages of this protocol are its very good yields.
doi:10.9734/irjpac/2019/v18i330089 fatcat:urz6rklexvbzvbsfbcsdmojspq