A Carabulea, A Morar, I Cirică, G Popper, M Vădan, I Păcureanu
In the paper the authors define the risk classes and model the holistic risk of the design and operation of power objectives. The calculation models of the technological and managerial risks are presented at the level of the central power objectives and the computer assisted power networks. The risks of the competitive energy market are presented and commented starting from the Energy and Risk World Congress Documents, insisting upon the consequences and anticipatory vulnerabilities, insisting
more » ... pon building up the quality of the human factor. We build information diagrams for the prevention and diminishing the risks in the neurogenexpert conception. At the end we perfomi a calculus of the efficiency of the neurogenoexpert systems destined to the anticipatory removal of the vulnerabilities in the conceptual structure and of the funcţional one in the systems sensitive to the risk of the competitive energy market.