VI.—Studies on the sulphonation of β-naphthylamine

Arthur George Green, Kapilram H. Vakil
1918 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
THE isomeric P-naphthylaminesulphonic acids are of considerable importance in the dye industry partly as such and partly for the preparation of other intermediate compounds. It therefore appeared to be of interest to submit the sulphonation of 6-naphthylamine t o a more detailed study than has yet been published, directed t o ascertaining the mechanism of the reactions involved, the circumstances favouring the production of the respective isomerides, and the conditions for the conversion of one
more » ... e conversion of one into another. , 33) that the sulphonation of P-naphthylamine gives rise t o four moriosulphonic acids, originally ciist'inguished by the prefixes a, 6 , y, and 6, t o which, principally through the researches of Armst'rong and Wynrie (P., 1888, 4, 105 ; 1889, 5, 48; 1890, 6, 138), the respective constitutions 2 : 8, 2 : 6 , 2:5, and 2 : 7 have been assigned. Of these isomeric acids, those containing the sulphonic group in an &position, namely, the 2 : 8 and the 2 : 5 acids, are simultaneously formed by sulphonation a t low temperatures (15O to looo), whilst those containing a 2
doi:10.1039/ct9181300035 fatcat:vhc5hhuoxjhkzdzukd5l2om2ea