Scaling of Relativistic Shear Flows with the Bulk Lorentz Factor

Edison Liang, Wen Fu, Markus Böttcher, Parisa Roustazadeh
2018 Astrophysical Journal  
We compare Particle-in-Cell simulation results of relativistic electron-ion shear flows with different bulk Lorentz factors, and discuss their implications for spine-sheath models of blazar versus gamma-ray burst (GRB) jets. Specifically, we find that most properties of the shear boundary layer scale with the bulk Lorentz factor: the lower the Lorentz factor, the thinner the boundary layer, and the weaker the self-generated fields. Similarly, the energized electron spectrum peaks at an energy
more » ... ar the ion drift energy, which increases with bulk Lorentz factor, and the beaming of the accelerated electrons gets narrower with increasing Lorentz factor. This predicts a strong correlation between emitted photon energy, angular beaming and temporal variability with the bulk Lorentz factor. Observationally, we expect systematic differences between the high-energy emissions of blazars and GRB jets.
doi:10.3847/1538-4357/aaa7f5 fatcat:d5nbx6znyjfhffarqq4qhd5dkq