Speech transmission using rate-compatible trellis codes and embedded source coding

A. Bernard, Xueting Liu, R.D. Wesel, A. Alwan
2002 IEEE Transactions on Communications  
This paper presents bandwidth-efficient speech transmission systems using rate-compatible channel coders and variable bitrate embedded source coders. Rate-compatible punctured convolutional codes (RCPC) are often used to provide unequal error protection (UEP) via progressive bit puncturing. RCPC codes are well suited for constellations for which Euclidean and Hamming distances are equivalent (BPSK and 4-PSK). This paper introduces rate-compatible punctured trellis codes (RCPT) where rate
more » ... bility and UEP are provided via progressive puncturing of symbols in a trellis. RCPT codes constitute a special class of codes designed to maximize residual Euclidean distances (RED) after symbol puncturing. They can be designed for any constellation, allowing for higher throughput than when restricted to using 4-PSK. We apply RCPC and RCPT to two embedded source coders: a perceptual subband coder and the ITU embedded ADPCM G.727 standard. Different operating modes with distinct source/channel bit allocation and UEP are defined. Each mode is optimal for a certain range of AWGN channel SNRs. Performance results using an 8-PSK constellation clearly illustrate the wide range of channel conditions at which the adaptive scheme using RCPT can operate. For an 8-PSK constellation, RCPT codes are compared to RCPC with bit interleaved coded modulation codes (RCPC-BICM). We also compare performance to RCPC codes used with a 4-PSK constellation. Index Terms-Adaptive multirate (AMR), bit interleaved coded modulation (BICM), embedded coding, punctured codes, rate-compatible channel coding, perceptual coding, rate-compatible punctured convolutional codes (RCPC), rate-compatible punctured trellis codes (RCPT), trellis codes, unequal error protection.
doi:10.1109/26.983326 fatcat:hrlediouyfbznhyj3whjza7v2e