Teaching Geography by Problems. E. Ehrlich Smith

Edith Parker
1922 The Elementary school journal  
EDUCATIONAL WRITINGS 391 comprehensive undertaking on the part of the Union, as is shown in the introduction: This account of the provisions for old-age support made by Massachusetts school teachers, and of their conditions of living during the period of retirement from active services, is a preliminary report of a co-operative investigation in which it is hoped to enlist groups of students, teachers, and college graduates in many parts of the country [P. 3]. The first two chapters deal
more » ... apters deal respectively with the personal characteristics and length of service of the women teachers of Massachusetts and the economic status of these teachers while in active service. The third and fourth chapters deal with the resources of the women teachers of Massachusetts at the time of retirement and the old-age living conditions of retired Boston teachers. Accurate bodies of facts are presented, and certain conclusions are set forth in the light of the concrete data presented. A free use has been made of tables and simple graphs which enable one to get at the important facts readily. Chapter v presents a number of questions for further discussion by co-operating investigators. For example, such questions as the following are proposed:
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