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Sanjay Singh, Narendra Singh, Sanjay Singh
2016 unpublished
In the current era there is individual and social demoralization present in our selves because of our ego and ignorance towards ancient lore. According to Patanjali yog sutra and Sri Mad Bhagwadgeeta, there is a way to destruct our ego and to regain true wisdom, as well as in the literature of Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya he has mentioned the techniques to cope up the aggression and also the psychological problems and that is sadhana and yogabhyas. "Collective consciousness and yoga practices"
more » ... yoga practices" can be used as a tool to control our aggression, whether it is easy to use with less effort and expenses. Then why shouldn't we use? So, the purpose of this pilot study is "To assess the effect of group yoga practices along with atambodh and tatwabodh self realization techniques on aggression". For this study we had selected randomly 20 graduate students with age ranging between 18 to 30 years of age. Practicing 51 minute/ day yogic intervention particularly and only those students were considered who were willing to participate in such type of practices. The students are both male and female and almost equal in the term of education, socio economic status and types of work. Then at the initiation of practice 0 th day pre data was collected by team on aggression scale by Roma Pal and Tasneem Naqvi and at the end of session on 20 th day of intervention post data was taken. According to obtained data we are surprised that there was statistically significant difference at 0.01 level found between pre and post conditions in the level of aggression. This indicates the effectiveness of yogic practices in decreasing the level of aggression among grad students.