Joint Scheduling and Power Optimization for Complex Status Updates in Multiantenna UAV-Assisted Multiaccess Edge Computing

Xianbang Diao, Wendong Yang, Jianchao Zheng, Yueming Cai
2022 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
The status information of complex status update applications (e.g., real-time environmental monitoring in disaster areas) can only be obtained after data processing. Therefore, the impact of data processing on age of information (AoI) cannot be ignored in complex status update applications. In this paper, complex status updates in emergency scenario are investigated, where some multiantenna unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) help resource-limited user devices (UDs) complete complex status updates
more » ... hich involve computing processes. To reduce average AoI, UDs' energy consumptions, and UAVs' energy consumptions in a balanced manner, the weighted sum of the three metrics is aimed to be minimized. Scheduling strategies (i.e., data transmission and computing start moments, service period, and flight radius) and power (i.e., data and pilot transmit power) allocation strategies are jointly optimized to reduce the weighted sum. The original problem is NP-hard. Thus, it is decoupled into some subproblems. Then, the near-optimal solution or stationary point of each subproblem is obtained by analyzing the characteristics of the subproblems. Finally, an iterative algorithm is proposed to alternately optimize the scheduling and power allocation strategies to obtain the suboptimal solution of the original problem. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can effectively reduce the average AoI and the energy consumptions of UDs and UAVs in a balanced way.
doi:10.1155/2022/8117391 doaj:803e6485af2c4d39a560e36090957fcf fatcat:xh2tjbxbyzcw7iywsdkgql5drq