A new approach for Content Based Image Retrieval-A Review

Harkamal Kaur, Er Manit Kapoor, Naveen Dhillon
1969 International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The content based image retrieval (CBIR) methods are used to discover the similar images in accordance with the input image from the database. The image retrieval applications plays a vital role in the case of big databases, where thousands of millions or more images are stored. In the case of media sharing platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Picasa, etc, a very large number of data is uploaded on these portals on the daily basis, which makes it impossible to discover the relevant
more » ... cover the relevant image data manually. Hence there is a strong requirement of versatile information based image retrieval engines from such databases, which can discover the relevant images out of the given database. In this paper, an innovative model for the image retrieval on the basi s of color and texture features has been proposed, which is expected to resolve the issue related to the accuracy of image retrieval engines. The performance of the model would be analyzed by using the accuracy metrics such as recall, precision, F1-measure and overall accuracy.