Parasitic nematodes from Tonkin, Indo-China, including a new species of Ascaridia

Benjamin Schwartz
1925 Proceedings of the United States National Museum  
The following report is based on a small collection of nematodes, largely from domestic animals, received from Maj. E. Houdemer,. Chief of the Clinic at the Ecole Veterinaire at Hanoi (Tonkin) Indo-China. In addition to a new species of Ascaridia from the goose which is described in this paper, there were found a species of Rictularia from a rat which is probably a new species, and specimens of the genus Porrocaecum from a heron (genus and species unknown) which require further study.
more » ... er study. Superfamily OXYUROIDEA Family OXYURIDAE Genus OXYURIS Rudolphi, 1803 OXYURIS EQUI (Schrank, 1788) Host. -EquUS cah a Ihis . Location.-Unknown. Only short-tailed forms were found, but Major Houdemer states that long-tailed forms also occur in horses in Tonkin. Superfamily ASCAROIDEA Family ASCARIDAE Genus ASCARIS Linnaeus, 1758 ASCARIS LUMBRICOIDES Linnaeus. 1758 Host. -Homo sapiens. The specimens which are sexually immature were vomited by a breast fed infant (native) only two months old.
doi:10.5479/si.00963801.66-2538.1 fatcat:vs55y4b6lzcjhaj6s77j2iigbe