Apartheid and Resistance in South Africa 1948-1969

Boualem Belkacemi, Yusuf Al-Ghailani
2016 Journal of History Research  
The paper discusses the historical establishment of the apartheid system in South Africa since 1948 and the resistance struggle of Africans against its racial policies until the year 1969. The first part of the paper deals with the origins of white domination in South Africa, going back to mid-seventeenth century with the Dutch aggression against African tribes all the way through to the twentieth century and the appearance of the main political parties behind the ideology of apartheid. The
more » ... nd part of the paper focuses on the internal opposition to the segregationist state created by the whites in South Africa. Opponents came from different circles: intellectuals, politicians, churchmen, civil servants, lawyers, doctors, etc. But the most prominent opponent of Apartheid was the Africa National Congress (ANC) which was founded in 1912. The third and final part analyses the international struggle against apartheid in the United Nations forums. This opposition took first the form of political and diplomatic actions against the racial system of South Africa, and then was materialized by economic sanctions which revealed to be the most susceptible to affect seriously the apartheid regime.
doi:10.17265/2159-550x/2016.03.002 fatcat:bkegcgfwyngmtctojhs4cd44oq