Diverse Instance Discovery: Vision-Transformer for Instance-Aware Multi-Label Image Recognition [article]

Yunqing Hu, Xuan Jin, Yin Zhang, Haiwen Hong, Jingfeng Zhang, Feihu Yan, Yuan He, Hui Xue
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Previous works on multi-label image recognition (MLIR) usually use CNNs as a starting point for research. In this paper, we take pure Vision Transformer (ViT) as the research base and make full use of the advantages of Transformer with long-range dependency modeling to circumvent the disadvantages of CNNs limited to local receptive field. However, for multi-label images containing multiple objects from different categories, scales, and spatial relations, it is not optimal to use global
more » ... on alone. Our goal is to leverage ViT's patch tokens and self-attention mechanism to mine rich instances in multi-label images, named diverse instance discovery (DiD). To this end, we propose a semantic category-aware module and a spatial relationship-aware module, respectively, and then combine the two by a re-constraint strategy to obtain instance-aware attention maps. Finally, we propose a weakly supervised object localization-based approach to extract multi-scale local features, to form a multi-view pipeline. Our method requires only weakly supervised information at the label level, no additional knowledge injection or other strongly supervised information is required. Experiments on three benchmark datasets show that our method significantly outperforms previous works and achieves state-of-the-art results under fair experimental comparisons.
arXiv:2204.10731v1 fatcat:a6xikibuyjg7bl2vikbogaakbm