Superconductor-Insulator Transition in Long MoGe Nanowires

Hyunjeong Kim, Shirin Jamali, A. Rogachev
2012 Physical Review Letters  
Properties of one-dimensional superconducting wires depend on physical processes with different characteristic lengths. To identify the process dominant in the critical regime we have studied trans- port properties of very narrow (9-20 nm) MoGe wires fabricated by advanced electron-beam lithography in wide range of lengths, 1-25 microns. We observed that the wires undergo a superconductor -insulator transition that is controlled by cross sectional area of a wire and possibly also by the
more » ... s-to-width ratio. Mean-field critical temperature decreases exponentially with the inverse of the wire cross section. We observed that qualitatively similar superconductorinsulator transition can be induced by external magnetic field. Some of our long superconducting MoGe nanowires can be identified as localized superconductors, namely in these wires one-electron localization length is much shorter than the length of a wire.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.109.027002 pmid:23030196 fatcat:ddp4com3dbalvpjx6atsoduxqq