The relationship between Impression Management and Organizational Politics in the Egyptian Travel Agencies

Marwa Fawzy, Toka Mahrous
2017 مجلة کلیة السیاحة والفنادق - جامعة مدینة السادات  
This paper attempts to understand the level of perceived organizational politics POP and impression management IM among employees and assessing their mutual relationship in travel agencies. To attain this goal, a total number of 253 usable questionnaires were collected from employees in travel agencies. Correlation and regression analysis were conducted to find out the relationship between the study's variables. The results showed a positive correlation between IM behavior and POP. The results
more » ... lso indicated that 42% of IM was dependent on POP. Moreover, the results suggested that not all forms of IM are equally correlated to POP. For instance, it can be concluded that individuals who take part in supervisor-focused tactics of IM were more affected by POP than the ones who participate in job-focused tactics.
doi:10.21608/mfth.2017.26062 fatcat:a5fwhq6amzbypdwh5axjx2pn64