Sizing Method of a Storage System for Determining the Performance of a Photovoltaic Pumping System over the Sun

Mohamed Elmamy Mohamed Mahmoud, Mr. Soukeyna, A. Yahfdhou, A. K. Mahmoud, I. Youm
2019 Smart Grid and Renewable Energy  
The use of renewable energy is growing significantly in the world. In front of the growing demand for electric energy, essentially for the needs of remote, isolated and mountainous regions, photovoltaic systems, especially water pumping systems, are beginning to emerge in large applications. In this sense, the proposed study deals with the problem of the water level regulation in the photovoltaic pumping system. It is in this context that the interest in this paper is dictated by the need to
more » ... an existing energy source on the site. Still in this light, it is important to note that, often, the calculation of the size of the GPV that feeds the pumping system and the pump involves a certain degree of uncertainty, mainly due to two main reasons: the first is related to randomness of solar radiation which is often little known and the second is related to the difficulty to estimate the water needs. This is why, on the one hand, the realization of such a system has made it possible to show the possibility of determining the projected quantity for water storage. Similarly, it has shown that the prediction of this quantity of water can be calculated by a simple analytical method based on numerical computation. Thus, it was also shown for this pumping system, thanks to graphical analysis methods, developing autonomy, reliability and good performance. In this sense, this experience opens the door for a practical and economical solution to the problem of lack of water, especially in our regions. Measurements made on the studied system prove that the designed approach improves the efficiency. Finally, it is also expected to draw further conclusions for the operation of these systems How to cite this paper: Mahmoud, M.E.M., Soukeyna, M., Yahfdhou, A., Mahmoud, A.K. and Youm, I. (2019) Sizing Method of a Storage System for Determining the Performance of a Photovoltaic Pumping System over the Sun. Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, 10, 17-28.
doi:10.4236/sgre.2019.102002 fatcat:4k5kntemejazxhuw6a5z2mpwga