Fatigue Reliability Analysis of a Compressor Disk Based on Probability Cumulative Damage Criterion

Jungang Ren, Bingfeng Zhao, Liyang Xie, Zhiyong Hu
2020 Materials  
The reliability of aero engine has a direct impact on the flight safety of the whole plane. With the continuous improvement of performance requirements of aero engines, the related fatigue and reliability problems also appear. For the fatigue failure characteristics of the typical component (compressor disk) in an aero engine, the fatigue reliability of its multi-site damage structure in service is analyzed by using probability cumulative damage criterion in this paper. The probability
more » ... ion definitions of life, damage and damage threshold are discussed and the relationship among them is also introduced by the new proposed criterion. Meanwhile, a method to determine the probability distribution of cumulative damage threshold and probability life prediction is carried out, based on which a hierarchical index system of statistical analysis and reliability modeling principle on the system level is further constructed for compressor disk. At the end of the paper, a certain cruise of fighter plane is analyzed to verify the validity of the new model. Emphasizing the difference between the compressor disk and traditional component, the new reliability analysis model developed in this study is basically reasonable for most of the load histories for the compressor disk, other than the traditional one, especially for the changeable and complex cruise missions.
doi:10.3390/ma13092182 pmid:32397506 fatcat:prafkjrkdvh67o3rq35mevbmhi