Phaeosaccardinula coffeicola and Trichomerium chiangmaiensis, two new species of Chaetothyriales (Eurotiomycetes) from Thailand

SSN Maharachchikumbura
2018 Mycosphere  
Two species of sooty mould-like taxa, were obtained from living leaves of Coffea arabica plants collected in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Differences in phenotypic and phylogenetic characteristics based on combined large subunit nuclear ribosomal DNA and internal transcribed spacer sequences indicated that the two isolates represent two novel species (Phaeosaccardinula coffeicola and Trichomerium chiangmaiensis) within the order Chaetothyriales. Phaeosaccardinula coffeicola (Chaetothyriaceae)
more » ... is distinguished morphologically from related species by its smaller asci and ascospores. Trichomerium chiangmaiensis (Trichomeriaceae) is morphologically distinguishable from its phylogenetically related species by its smaller conidial arms. Detailed taxonomic descriptions and illustrations of the new species are provided.
doi:10.5943/mycosphere/9/4/5 fatcat:wmbrqtjrjrapjp3fwcecijhaiu