Takestan Institute of Higher Education A Comparison of Several Approaches to Load Frequency Control of Multi Area Hydro-Thermal System

Davar Mirabbasi, Mohsen Parvin
2015 unpublished
The main contribution of Load Frequency Control (LFC) is preserving frequency constant against the varying active power loads. System has several generating units in which the notion of fault/load tolerance has to be enhanced. For this purpose tie-lines are made between these interconnected units. In this paper, a fuzzy controller has been suggested for LFC of multi unequal area hydro-thermal interconnected power system. Simulation has been performed on a test system with four areas. First and
more » ... r areas. First and second areas have thermal reheat power plant and third and fourth areas consists of hydro power plant with electric governor. Simulation has been carried out by Matlab / Simulink software and capability of the proposed technique confirmed by comparing its results with related values of PI and PID controllers.