Reports of Medical Societies

1863 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
ed a case of pneumonia, followed by pleurisy. Maj. G., 95 years of age, was attacked (Feb. 20th, 1863) with congestion of right lung -pain, in same side, dry cough, difficulty of breathing, together with some fever. The symptoms increased in severity, and Dr. 8. was called Feb. 23d, and, upon examination, found dulness on percussion over the whole of the right sido. No respiratory murmur could be detected in the right lung ; pulso 120 per minute, hard and full ; great heat of surface ; face
more » ... d and skin dry. At this time cerebral disturbance was manifested, which, with the other symptoms, continued five or six days, but finally yielded to treatment, and convalescence was established on the sixth day of treatment and ninth day of disease. Tho patient continued to improve, tho respiration becoming more free and natural ; the expectoration changed from tenacious and bloody to the cream-colored expectoration characteristic of the third stage. On the eighteenth and nineteenth days of the disease, he was able to walk about his house. On the evening of the nineteenth day he was attacked with pleurisy ; pain in the side, increased frequency of pulse, loss of appetite, renewal of the febrile disturbance, with great prostration. These symptoms, to which were added hurried respiration and muttering delirium, continued to increase in intensity until March 24th, when he died. The treatment during the attack of pneumonia was, counter-irritation of the surface, antimony, veratrum, mild alteratives and expectorants. The same treatment was continued,
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