M. V. Zabotnova
2020 Scientific notes of Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University, series Philology. Social Communications  
The article is devoted to the manipulation of mass consciousness carried out by Internet memes on the material of political campaign. It highlights the main features of memes' formation and their role in modern social networks including the most wide-spread Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Instagram. It presents various ideas on the topic by numerous scientists from the psycholinguistic point of view. The article is aimed at the analysis of Mandela Effect's role in the manipulation of mass
more » ... usness at the chat-speak territory of cyberspace as well as at the presentation of basic data which is focused on proving the memes possibility to manipulate the Internet audience to form required attitude to the definite situation. The whole work is based on the studies of the cyber-memes with political content due to the huge range of various political parties and mock-wars among political powers of the world which may have impact on the political situation worldwide. The work includes the descriptions of key ways of purposely created memes activity and their possibility to be synchronized with the phenomenon such as Mandela Effect. It proposes the core features which serve as hand of help on the way to the implementation of political intentions through memes basing on frames, words, colours and backgrounds used in the process of their developing to create needed atmosphere and reactions of the Internet-users. The main tasks which are followed in the article are to highlight the principles of memes' formation, to give the basic information on Mandela Effect proposing examples to prove its role in manipulation of mass consciousness and to provide initial information concerning the way the influential actions work.
doi:10.32838/2663-6069/2020.2-4/19 fatcat:bwfqqd6obnfydlr5ogkkarfebu