Integrated wireless theranostic contact lens for in situ electrical sensing and regulation of glaucoma [post]

Cheng Yang, Qianni Wu, Junqing Liu, Jingshan Mo, Xiangling Li, Chengduan Yang, Ziqi Liu, Jingbo Yang, Lelun Jiang, Weirong Chen, Hui-jiuan Chen, Ji Wang (+1 others)
2021 unpublished
Engineered closed-loop devices that can wirelessly track intraocular pressure (IOP) and offer feedback-medicine administrations are highly desirable for glaucoma treatments, yet remain difficult to develop. Integrated theranostic systems based on contact lens still confront several challenges, including size limits, requirements of wireless operations, and cross-coupling between multiple functional modulus. Here, for the first time to our knowledge, an integrated wireless theranostic contact
more » ... s (WTCL) for in situ electrical sensing and on-demand drug delivery of glaucoma was developed. The WTCL utilized a highly compact circuitry and structural design, which enabled high-degreed integration of IOP sensing and electrically controlled delivery modulus on the curved and limited surface of contact lens. The wireless IOP sensing modulus could ultra-sensitively detect IOP fluctuations, due to the unique cantilever configuration design of LCR circuit with ultra-soft air dielectric film sandwiched between each capacitive sensing plate. The drug delivery modulus employed a highly efficient wireless power transfer circuit, to trigger delivery of anti-glaucoma drug into aqueous chamber via iontophoresis to enhance drug permeation across cornea. The specialized design of frequency separation enabled individual operations of different modules without cross-coupling. The noninvasive, smart, wireless and closed-loop theranostic features endowed the WTCL as a highly promising system for glaucoma treatments.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:tqracref65hupmnrf3c7kz57bi